Monday, November 27, 2006

Obituary: Flip Flop Flying

I've never written an obituary before. I think it must be quite hard. Benji (fellow FFF appreciator) has written this. Although perhaps obituary is too harsh, perhaps just an 'au revoir'. Mr Robinson - Craig of Flip Flop Flyin' fame - has stopped writing his blog 'Flip Flop FlyinG'. I am very sad about this - I have been reading it and commenting on it since the very beginning. He's done so much stuff since then. Him and Billy, his very cute dog.

Unfortunately it doesn't surprise me - recently it seemed more of a chore and some people were getting a bit abusive on the comments. I wish him the very best of luck in whatever he does. Here is the man himself from Ju's fotoblog - creator of Pocket Films for Travelers.

Some of my favourite things from Flip Flop FlyinG (and Flyin' cos most of it's on there)...

1. 30 Ballparks

2. Monday is red day

3. Billy running (19 May 2006)

Actually, have decided there's too much. One of my really favourite things though was his 'The Bench' pictorial story. I really really liked it. Also, The Cnuties. And minipops. And his random photos. And the trip to Miami.

Ah, so long.


Blogger Benji said...

I'm really gonna miss 'With a G'. Strange really as it's just a blog but I've been following Craig's stuff for years now (the original FFF was my homepage from, I think, it's third incarnation) and his blog became a daily distraction. When the misses and I got back from our four months away I loved the fact that I had a whole third of a years worth of FFF to catch-up on.
You're right when you say that the tone of his entries had changed and I think that 'Banksy' piece really kicked up some dirt - a lot of people took it very personally didn't they. Glad the original is still going though.
This blogging thing is odd really isn't it? Doing all this writing for either no-one or just a couple of people. I know of only a handful of folk who read mine (and most of those are down to my mate Mike who's got a few people at his law firm into it).
Anyhow, it's cathartic isn't it.

28/11/06 12:34 pm  
Blogger Tori said...

It is cathartic. And I kind of like that people I don't know read it, as opposed to people I do. Although I told my friends at the beginning that I was writing a blog they never read it. But since then, some of them have rediscovered the link and had a look! Your blog is much better to read cos it's got interesting bits and bobs, mine's just me mooching about me mostly. Haha!

28/11/06 12:47 pm  
Blogger Tori said...

p.s. I will miss FFF too - it was my daily distraction at work. And before that I first found out about him from that Excel sheet quiz of his minipops! That kept us busy for Hours at work...

28/11/06 1:00 pm  
Blogger Benji said...

Your blog is very interesting I'll have you know. You're in a similar situation (with work an' all) to mine a few weeks back, plus you seem to suffer from the same excess of ideas' thing as me.

28/11/06 2:50 pm  

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