Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hurrah for Hats!

Here is my first ever proper big hat that I knitted myself yesterday whilst having a 24-fest. I am very proud of myself for this! I didn't have a pattern or anything. Just lovely Rowan Big Wool and some massive knitting needles. Hurrah!

Now my brother wants one too. Minus the bobble. And in a different colour. He's a 'cool' snowboarder, so my design will be gracing the slopes of Tignes in the not too distant future. If I can find a colour he likes... I wish the Big Wool wasn't so expensive though.

By the way, after taking this photo I realised how awful I look at the moment - check out the bags under my eyes. Even my mum commented on them. Great.


Anonymous sarah said...

I love the hat! It looks great!

26/10/06 1:26 pm  

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