Friday, October 20, 2006

Where should I take my ideas?

Working stifles creativity. Or so I said last week, or whenever it was. But not working for more than about two weeks also seems to do the same. I don't know what I spend my days doing at the moment. A bit of emailing checking, a bit of MSN-ing, a bit of rowing club women's squad organising (that's a job and a half - semi-volunteered to help out. Why?), walking the dogs or walking the ponies with mum, eating (waaaaay too much), not exercising enough... and that seems to be about it at the moment.

I don't really want a job though. Or at least I don't know what type of job I want. I don't really want to just fall into something again if I don't have to. I'm not work shy. Maybe I could/should go and work in a nice shop somewhere for something to do for a bit. But it's probably not really what parents had in mind for me. Or that I had in mind for myself after leaving my previous job. Not that I really had a plan. I had lots of ideas though. Too many to be any use.

I think I also thought now was the time to Do My Own Thing. I always thought I'd have my own business after working with or knowing people who do and thinking I could do better (or at least do some things better). But doing what? I don't know. I really really really don't know. I don't have one burning ambition, one thing that I think needs bringing to this world. Something that I want to work all hours bringing to fruition. I want to have a life as well. Not that I'm actually doing much at the moment. The old cliche about busy people doing even more stuff is true.

I can't decide what I'm good at either. This is going to sound big headed, but I think things change a little when I'm working somewhere. I have had my 'randomness' commented on a few times, which apparently brings some different ideas to the table. And also just changes things a little in the atmosphere. I don't know if that's actually true. It's nice to think it is though. And whilst I'm here in my own little blogging world, I can have whatever I want to be as the truth! I also question things. And I have ideas about things. But not on the spot. It doesn't work like that.

Anyway, rambling now. My one big problem is having ideas and not knowing where to go with them (hence today's blogging title), how to develop them, which people to talk to, how to protect the ideas, etc, etc. Just don't know.

I've had a few ideas for little books. Not novels, just little books. Do I write them? Or sell the idea first? Or try and get an agent? Or try and find a publisher? Which publisher or agent would I go to? Do I find my own illustrator? Can I protect my idea?

I've also had an idea for a documentary/travelogue for TV and a book, etc. Again, who do I go to? I can't afford to just go an make it. How do I get financial backing? What do I need to do to sell the idea? Who do I go to? How can I protect it from being copied?

I've had some ideas for clothing lines and brands. How do I find a manufacturer? How do I get them to make the designs I want in the fabric I want? Where do I go to to source fabric? And how on earth do you do a cash flow forecast for a business plan?!

And then I've had some bigger ideas and some ideas that some other companies might like to use. Can I sell them the ideas? Can I be a silent partner in something bigger with people with real money to make the bigger ideas happen?

See, I just have no clue at all. Road to nowhere... (actually the road to Exmouth in Western Australia).


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