Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Help the old people

So, prior to today the only thing I've ever knitted is a scarf. And I just knitted it (as opposed to purling as well). I did it last Christmas. I was actually knitting it for the Boy (you know who), out of non-wool yarn cos he's allergic. But he laughed about knitting (when I hadn't told him it was for him) so I kept it for myself. Anyhoo, innocent drinks do a regular campaign over the winter called Supergran to knit hats for their little smoothie bottles to raise money for Help the Aged. They were sending out 1000 knitting kits and I got mine today. They are so good with their marketing stuff. So I decided to knit a mini hat today. Some people do some amazing things. I was proud just to make something that vaguely looked like a hat. Had a bit of an issue when it came to sewing on the bobble (how are you supposed to do that??), but I think you'll agree (you'd better do) it's not a bad effort!


Anonymous Sarah said...

The hat is ADORABLE!!!
I love it.

Now you just have to pretend it was a swatch, and make yourself a bigger one.

18/10/06 6:52 pm  

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