Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm a believer!

Just did one of those personality type tests. It was on Jobsite. According to the 15 question test, I am a BELIEVER. Which apparently means:

As a Believer you believe the world has almost infinite possibilities. You believe people should be pursuing their passions and not be caught up by what others say they should desire. Your entire life involves continuously having new experiences and learning from them. It is the challenge, the risk, the prospect of what you can achieve that drives you, rather than simply making money. You're a self-motivated individual driven by your passion and so need a job and environment with loose boundaries and maximum freedom.

Which I guess some of is kind of true.

Another matter... men. How am I going to meet any? I've been in Norfolk for four years now and have actually met one guy I fancied, and even him I wasn't that bothered about until he turned on the charm offensive and made me feel wanted, even if it was only for all of about a month. Then he got bored, or maybe I scared him off, or whatever. But he led me on for a very long time (coward). I'm totally over that whole 'thing' now. Thinking about it reasonably, we weren't even that well matched - he's all a bit too non-spontaneous, career-focused, scared of heights, allergic to seafood and wool, and doesn't seem to do foreplay for me. It's all his fault I liked him. So he can't complain, he brought it on himself. But he's still being a bit of an arse to be honest. We get (well, we did get) on really well as friends - lots to chat about, similar backgrounds - but he's just being a knobhead with no knob and still thinks I fancy him I reckon. He has to get over himself. Do I really want to be friends with someone like that? I probably shouldn't. But it's quite a small world around here and it would be easier to be friends than not. Plus I like being friendly.

He has a new girlfriend now (all of a sudden he's 'over' the ex - an excuse to me. So he's a liar too. Not that I'm bitter - I just haven't been able to vent at him at all cos he's too self-obsessed to see me!). She looks like Portia de Rossi. The blonde, skinny, lesbian who used to be in Ally Macbeal and now goes out with Ellen. Obviously she's not a lesbian. And she's not skinny, just slim and petit. And cliche of cliches - she's a cox at the rowing club (albeit still at uni, so young too). In fact, she's a lot of things he used to say he didn't like. Hypocrite as well! I do know her though. And she's all right. Very middle-class, mummy and daddy give her a Very nice allowance, doing a law degree but wants to go into fashion PR in London, they go on holiday to Rock for f**k's sake! I did see it coming a mile off. Ha! Predictable too!

Wow, I love having a blog. I can rant all I want and surely no one cares?!

Anyway, back to the man thing - I think I have to go to London. My cousin's just moved there and is currently dating three (very different) guys and loving it. I just looked on My Single Friend and there are some fit guys on there. Just can't reconcile myself to the whole internet dating thing yet. Possibly because at the moment I'm near a small city - people would know. Whereas London's huge and none of my best friends there are single so they wouldn't know/care. Hmmmm...


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