Monday, September 11, 2006

The Wanderer Returns

So, I've been away for a while and even though I know only about two or three people have ever read my blog I thought I'd write a little update on my life, just to practise my writing skills... or something.

Well I guess quite a lot has happened since I last wrote about ski instructors and online shops. I'm back at my parent's house. I have no job. The sun is shining.

To the no job thing - I quit in July. That's nearly four years in the same place. Not bad for me. Just felt like forcing myself to do something different - it was 'comfortable' there, but I wasn't really enjoying the work on most of my clients. Anyway, I quit (all very amicable) and went to Mozambique. For five weeks. Quite random, I know. I was right in the north in the Quirimbas National Park working on a fair trade eco-lodge. It was in a totally gorgeous location. Right on the Indian Ocean. I don't think I'll write about it all now, cos I'd be here for ages, but I worked Really hard. I had two days off in the whole time. BUT I did get to go diving, and visit Rolas Island and Ibo Island and meet some really nice and some really interesting people. I took loads of photos. This is one of my favourite ones...

I got back three weeks ago tomorrow. Then had three days in the UK before heading off to France for the Dragon Gold Cup in Douarnenez. Was a great week. AND we managed to come 30th in our last race (out of more than 100 boats), which is pretty good considering 20+ boats had professional crew on board and we had never sailed as a four before (it used to be 'illegal' - three crew only - but now you can do it if you're under the weight limit of 285kg). We were actually the first four-man crew in a Dragon Gold Cup!

There is a really cool island just off Douarnenez called Tristan Island. Well, there are two cool buildings and a lighthouse. I really want to buy it and do up the houses. They are crying out for refurbishment. I would LOVE to do it. Unfortunately, I'd probably need at least £1M to do it. But it would make a great hotel. So if someone reads this who has loads of money (and good taste), please please buy it and make it gorgeous.

So the thing now is... what to do next?! I seriously have no clue. I have business ideas coming out left, right and centre. But no direction. No experience. No real passion. It's difficult. Oh, and also no money. Mustn't forget that one. So at the moment, I keep coming up with ideas... and I've started my first film script (an adaptation of a chick lit book) just to see if I can do it... and I might have to do some freelance work... and I've realised I really like photography and baking. So don't be surprised if this blog morphs into a sort of foodie one. With photos.


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