Friday, February 10, 2006

Very nearly the weekend...

Is it bad that I really really want it to be the weekend?

Not much has been happening recently. I've been eating too much sugar (e.g. spoon's full of pure golden syrup). Mega highs, mega lows! Ooops.

What else? I can't even think of a story in the news that has made me laugh or go yuk this week. Haven't got very far with the new year's resolutions... quick update on those then - that'll fill some space!

1. Be strong (in mind) Hmmm, I have moments of clarity. But basically am needing affirmation from other people to tell me I'm a nice person (or not). And whether I'm an attractive person (or not - this one is the b*gger...)
2. Stay fit (get fitter) Not doing too badly on this one. Apart from eating too much suger. At least I'm still doing training and stuff. And I ordered an iPod shuffle yesterday (even though I have no money and tonight am going home to my parent's house to raid my cupboards for things to sell on eBay) to listen to whilst training. Have you seen one? They're teeny weeny!
3. Drink lots of water (to stay young looking!) Not consistently. Bit rubbish really.
4. Be positive and optimistic Grrr. I try. Mostly. Like I said above - moments of clarity marred by feelings of rubbishness and 'what-am-I-doing-with-my-life' type stuff.

Ok, so that's the 'overarching' ones... how about the more specific jobbies...

1. Actually write the text for the children's books I've been thinking about for months Nope, haven't even looked at this. Just have two main story ideas so far. Just need to write them down...!
2. Write the synopsis for the 'Place Called Victoria' TV documentary to sell-in with Mille in May Mille keeps asking me about this. I really should sort it. I think I'll come into work one weekend and do it. I really need the internet to do it (so I can copy someone else's work!).
3. Start my first ever screenplay, i.e. get beyond the initial idea and actually start writing it! However bad it might be... got to start somewhere! What do you think?!
4. Start my own website - e-commerce or otherwise Ah, well I have actually started to progress this one a little bit. I bought a domain name the other day and have started researching the products that I want to sell... watch this space (but don't hold your breath!).
5. Work out what I actually want to do - or at least sort out my 'career', cos it's not going anywhere at the moment Who knows? Not me.
6. Have regular facials! Ooh, and do a reflexology or Indian head massage course... Annoyingly can't afford it! There's a place about two-minutes walk from where I live. When I've sold some stuff on eBay I am definitely booking a facial. Or this really nice back massage thing they have.
7. Find a man of my own. No no no. And the one I want is definitely keeping me at an arm and a half's length! It's just an ego dent I guess. That and when someone tells you they really really like you then it's nice to believe them, until they go cold turkey on you. ANNOYING.

So, there you are - not much has progressed really. Except that I weighed myself last weekend and I was under nine stone. This is very exciting for me (sad I know) as I don't even remember the last time I was this slim. Yahoo! So, one thing is good at least (until I weigh myself again and realise I've put all the weight back on again. God, I'm such a girl talking about things like that. I'm not really that bad. Honest!).

Have a lovely weekend everyone... anyone...

P.S. This song is great. 'Ooh Child' by The Five Steps. I've just stolen it from Mr Lurchyboy at Beesnthings Blog! Hope he doesn't mind. It's a good song to start the weekend.


Blogger lurchyboy said...

I don't mind at all - great song isn't it? Had it in my head all day.

Have a good weekend.

10/2/06 5:35 pm  

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