Monday, January 09, 2006

Cinema city

This past week I have been to the cinema THREE times. I can't afford it (I am in serious negative money at the moment... what went wrong?!) but I love it. Three very different films...

This hasn't even been released yet! There's a 'secret film' thing at the UCI in Norwich every two weeks where they show a film before it's release date to help create the buzz around it. You don't know what film you're going to see at all, not even the genre. It's a great idea. So, yeh, saw 'Jarhead' last Monday. I really enjoyed it. Not much happens, but that was kind of the point. Plus Jake Gyllenhaal is in it.

Brokeback Mountain
I had originally thought I didn't want to see this, but after reading some very good crits and weighing up the pros and cons of seeing Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger kissing, decided to go and see it with my friend Annabel. It was a really beautiful film. In terms of cinematography and scenery and setting. But also in terms of the love story. We both came out crying.

Running Scared
Not a good one to end the week on. Saw this last night. Violent, graphic and a bit weird. Only saving grace was Paul Walker. Not sure he's the sharpest knife in the block, but he sure is pretty.


Blogger lurchyboy said...

Haven't seen these yet. Going to see Lower City on Saturday - another gritty Brazilian film - sounds good.

11/1/06 2:35 pm  

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