Monday, October 03, 2005

Beetroot face

I haven't done as much exercise as I did this evening in a very long time, and actually, it was great! It was the first session of the winter training programme at the rowing club, and I was kind of dreading it cos I know how unfit I am. But actually, relatively speaking (i.e. compared to everyone else) I wasn't too bad at all. We had to do 15 minutes on the ergo (rowing machine), then a 20 minute run (am not sure I actually did 20 minutes, didn't have a watch) and then another 15 minutes on the ergo. My face was like a beetroot by the end, and nice and sweaty. Lovely. And then, to undo all that good, I came home and ate a chocolate Gu (with two little dots over the 'u') souffle pudding with lots of double cream and it was really really nice.

On Thursday it's circuits. I'm DREADING it. I hate circuits (lots of different exercises, a lot and really hard). I may not live to tell the tale...


Blogger Big D said...

I try to workout as mush as possible.

3/10/05 9:42 pm  

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