Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Big fat tummy

My tummy has got fat. It's all bloaty and horrible. I think it's something I ate. Well, probably all the crisps and chocolate and snacks that I've been eating recently. Why, when I know what's good and what's bad for me, do I not have any will-power to eat good stuff and not eat too much. Anyway, that's all very dull.

Watched Spooks last night. I wonder if it's anything like that at all in MI5. I don't think I could join it. MI5 that is (I'd join Spooks, I think Adam's quite fit!). I'm too much of a wimp. And don't have enough faith in my ability. It's all very well working in PR and doing something wrong and it might affect a client, but if you're in MI5 and you do something wrong it might, y'know, affect the whole country. Well, that's the impression I get anyway. I don't think I could be in MI5 unless I was an orphan, or something like that. No one to mind if something happens.

Completely changing the subject, just seen a trailer on TV for the new Pride and Prejudice film. I think Keira Knightly pouts a bit too much when she acts, but it looks like a good film. Well, I just like Pride and Prejudice. Matthew McFadden pouts a bit too so they'll make a good pair! I'll give you the verdict when I go to see it...


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