Friday, September 02, 2005

Sticky art

Just experimenting with the photo thingy again. Here are some pretty clematis (not sure if that's the plural too) from our garden this summer. It appears we are having a bit of an Indian summer this year. It was BAKING yesterday. Why is it called an Indian summer?

So much is not going on in my life at the moment. Well, the potential is there for lots to be going on but actually I'm rubbish when there's too much to choose from.

Was wondering (for the 1000th time) the other day, how many photos are there in the world that I am randomly in? Who has got me in the background of their 'London tourist photo' or 'Sydney tourist photo' or 'Live 8 concert photo' or anything?! It's a weird thought.

Read something today about a guy who does 3D pavement art who has also taken to making mini masterpieces out of chewing gum that has been spat on the pavement. I think it's horrible to spit chewing gum on the pavement. This guy, Ben Wilson, started doing the art as his statement against horrible people who spit their chewing gum on the ground. Here's a couple of examples. Apparently there are 300,000 pieces of gum stuck to Oxford Street. Whilst trying to find a link for Ben Wilson, I also happened upon Gum Blondes. A guy called Jason from Canada chews bubble gum and then sticks it to plywood to make portraits of famous blonde ladies. People are so weird aren't they - how on earth did he come up with that idea?! "I know, I'll do art from bubble gum!" Hmmm. Anyway, there's Paris Hilton on there, Anna Kournikova, Sarah Michelle Gellar. I'm not sure if No.II is meant to be Britney? You can definitely see the skill level increase from the rather, well, childlike 'Gum Blonde I' to No.XII pretty impressive Marilyn Monroe creation. Excellent!


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