Thursday, August 18, 2005

All alone

Well, I thought I'd give this whole blogging thing another go. I forgot my password and stuff for a while, but had an epiphany or something this evening and remembered it all! I'm home alone at the moment, which is why I'm up late (this is late for me) and writing rubbish. I keep reading Craig's blog at Flip Flop Flying and it's always really good, but he always thinks of something cool to write about. Perhaps random, but always interesting. And then photos too (haven't worked out how to do that bit properly yet) and his illustrations. Hmmm, what can I talk about. Well, as it's my blog I can talk about me! No one's ever going to read this, ever, so I guess I can just ramble and type until I can type no more. Or get bored. Or whatever. Oh yes, I know what I wanted to talk about - did you see that guy in the news who built a boat out of lollipop sticks? He said it was (and I quote) a "dream come true". Who has a dream to build a replica Viking ship out of lollipop sticks and sail it across the Atlantic????? Did I miss something? Should my ambitions (small as they are) be directed elsewhere? Perhaps I should be making a scale model of the Eiffel Tower out of Jelly Babies. No, that would be silly. Jelly Babies would get eaten. But you know what I mean. How do people think up these weird things to do? Or, more to the point, why? Why spend two years of your life making a Viking ship out of small sticks of wood? As you can probably tell, I'm just not getting it. It looked cool though!


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