Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday Monday

Good morning! How much do I not want to be at work today? Quite a lot. I'd rather be vegging in front of the telly watching the cricket. Not that I know the rules or anything, but Freddie Flintoff is quite cool. And it's something to do. Just fancy doing not very much.

Had quite an action-packed weekend. Sailing on Saturday (we were rubbish) and rowing/sculling yesterday (I was rubbish). I only took up the whole rowing/sculling in May this year, so am still very much a beginner. And yesterday it showed. It was just a local regatta in Cambridge. I was doing a sculling double thingy, and then rowing in an eight. In the eight I caught a massive crab (for those not in 'the know' with the rowing lingo, that's when your blade, or oar, goes in the water at the wrong angle and you can't get it out the water and the end of the blade comes flying towards your head like it's going to decapitate you and then it all goes horribly wrong) and then when I eventually got the stupid blade out the water, my seat had come off the slide thing, and I couldn't get it back on, so I had to row just leaning when everyone else was sliding and it was just a bit rubbish cos if I hadn't messed up then we might have won cos we were coming back at them at the end. RUBBISH! Very frustrating at my crapness.

Anyway, back to work I suppose...


Blogger Elaine said...

Hi Tori! Thanks for visiting my blog. All I can say is stick with the rowing thing. I think the first year you do it is the hardest because it's a lot of info to learn and digest... and rowing is HARD! But if you stick with it, it only gets better. Then you realize how beautiful morning rows can be and how rewarding it is to have a good row. And THEN you become addicted. :o) If it makes you feel any better, I know pretty decent rowers who've been doing it for 3 years who still catch crabs. But I'm jealous of you, because I wish I could still be on the water... I miss it a lot.


14/9/05 9:49 pm  

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