Monday, September 12, 2005

Cricket CAN be exciting!

Ha ha! England have done it! They won the Ashes! Fantastic stuff. All for a teeny weeny trophy that you can hardly see. Ah well, it's not like the footballers who need a big cup to prove their manliness... ha ha. Anyway, very impressive stuff. And so close. And everyone's been so nice about each other and all very respectful of each other. It's all jolly friendly and cucumber sandwiches. But seriously, it is really good, and a great example for kids looking up to their sporting heroes. And if Freddie Flintoff doesn't win the Sports Personality of the Year this year then I'm the Queen of England.

Nice one Zara Phillips at Blenheim too - two Gold medals at the Europeans.

And well done Jensen Button for his third at the thingymajig Grand Prix on Sunday.

Anyone else? Well, there were lots of football matches, but I only follow England on the football stuff, and they were rubbish last week against Northern Ireland. Or rather, Northern Ireland were better than them. So we won't talk about football.

Oh, and get better soon Johnny Wilkinson who's just had his appendix out.

Let's finish on cricket again... WELL DONE ENGLAND!


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