Thursday, January 12, 2006


Oops. So, I was kind of bored last night. My flat mate was out. Again. So I decided to be productive and do some jobs around the flat.

Task 1: Fix one of the sliding cupboard doors in the kitchen.
Result: I was trying to fix the cupboard door cos it doesn't slide very easily and so was trying to make it run a bit more smoothly... and I have no idea how I managed it but it's now a detached cupboard door. Somehow I got it out of the sliders and now I can't get it back in!

Task 2: Clean the bathroom.
Result: The bathroom is fully tiled from floor to ceiling and goodness knows when it was last cleaned. So I was scrubbing the walls. And then I cleaned the bath. And then I pulled the shower head down to rinse the bath and must've pulled it too hard cos now the hose leaks where it comes out of the shower unit thing and nothing comes out of the shower head. Oops.

I gave up after that and watched 'Lost'...


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