Friday, September 29, 2006

Chilli celebrity

Right now I am in the middle of making vats of chilli con carne for the Mexican Party at the rowing club tomorrow. I'm on my third batch now. People better bloody turn up. No one's actually bought a ticket yet. I've just been reserving them for people to pay on the night. Even if they don't come I think I'll make them pay. I'm also listening to latin music very loudly to get me in the mood! I'll probably be sick of it by tomorrow evening. Anyway, it's all coming together at last. Had a bit of a panic earlier in the week when only about ten tickets had been reserved, but we've got more than 30 now. Hurrah!

The celebrity part of the title is to do with my friend and her boyfriend. They're going to London tomorrow and wanted to have lunch at The Ivy (celeb restaurant extraordinaire!). They said they were very busy and she would have to go on their waiting list in case a table became available, could they take her name? She told them to take her boyfriend's name instead... Derren Brown!! (For those not in the know, Derren Brown is also a famous magician and illusionist person in the UK.) Someone from The Ivy called back a few hours later, apologising that they were on the waiting list, and now they have a table for two at 12.30pm tomorrow. Brilliant!!


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