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Just found a new website, via a blog via a blog via a blog that I found randomly the other day whilst researching something completely different. Anyway, the most recent blog lady is an author called Elizabeth Crane and the website she recommended is Free Will Astrology. I was just looking at the archive of my lovely star sign, Leo, from last November time (around the time of meeting man-boy - sad I know) and found an entry I really like, just as something to remember/think about anyway. It's from the week of 17 November 2oo5...

Psychotherapists talk about how each of us has a false self and an authentic self. When we're in the grip of the false one, we don't love ourselves unless other people love us. We're addicted to status and other superficial standards of success, and we chase after all sorts of meaningless desires that can't possibly bring any lasting gratification. When we're anchored in our authentic self, on the other hand, our motivations are rooted in a love of life. We pursue our dreams because they're interesting and exciting, not in order to impress anyone. The coming weeks will bring a showdown between your false self and authentic self, Leo. If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on the authentic one.

Also, from the week of 25 May 2006...

Commit random acts of the coolest kindness and most intriguing beauty you can dream up.

And from the week of 1 June 2006... (these are great!)

A team of Japanese cultural analysts was assigned the task of figuring out the best possible pick-up line. The winner: "Rainen no kono hi mo issho ni waratteiy-oh." In English, that's "This time next year, let’s be laughing together." I present this expression for your consideration, Leo, because I think it's a perfectly poetic way to alert you to imminent developments in your life. As I understand the astrological omens, you're about to experience transformations whose power to fascinate and amuse you will not fully ripen until June of 2007. They may be subtle at first, but will slowly build in intensity as the months go by.

Ooh, and this one from 13 July 2006. It's all very encouraging (and probably quite dull for anyone reading this - so go and do it for yourself and be encouraged/spooked out!)...

"Nature loves courage," said visionary philosopher Terence McKenna. "It shows you it loves courage because it will respond to your brave commitment by removing impossible obstacles." While I believe this is always true, Leo, it's especially apropos for you right now. You've fallen short of your potential because you have not yet summoned more than a fraction of the boldness that lies within you. But this is a turning point when you finally have what it takes to tap into your dormant reserves. I hope you rise to the occasion, and so does nature.

And this one from 17 August 2006. It's all kind of ringing true in some parts. Quite pertinent. But also good things to think about anyway.

"Raising kids is like making pancakes," muses Brian Copeland in his show Not a Genuine Black Man. "You always mess up the first one." A similar idea might apply to a certain multi-pronged project you've been working on, Leo. I'm not saying you should abandon or throw away your initial effort. On the contrary, like rookie parents whose inexperience has slightly tweaked their first-born, you should be thorough in trying to undo your mistakes. But I also suggest that you immediately get started on the next creation in the series, being sure you've learned all you can from the consequences of your earlier ignorance.

And so it goes on... 24 August... (by the way, if anyone got reading this far, you can probably stop now, I'm just putting them in here for my own benefit now so I have them written in one place!)

Psychologists Ed Diener and Martin E.P. Seligman cite 150 studies that suggest economic factors have little to do with happiness levels. For example, the Masai of Kenya, whose per capita income is under $300 a year, are as satisfied with their lives as the 400 wealthiest plutocrats in America. People living in the slums of Calcutta are slightly less filled with well-being, but not much. Your assignment, Leo, is to explore the personal implications of this. Can you get to the point where you truly feel that your ability to enjoy life has little to with how much money you have?

And 14 September...

Every year 1.5 million Turkish students take a day-long college entrance exam. It's a grueling maze of complicated yet often inane questions--an absurd attempt to quantify intelligence with a one-size-fits-all standard of measurement. Three quarters of all students fail, and thus face the prospect of unemployment in a country where only higher education guarantees a decent job. This year a lone rebel rose up in defiance against the oppressive tradition. Sefa Boyar announced he'd strive to give the wrong answer to every question on the multiple-choice test. Naturally, he had to study hard to make sure he wouldn't accidentally get a few right answers. Be inspired by Boyar, Leo. Resist or subvert the soul-shrinking hocus-pocus of a bunch of humans acting like machines. Unlike Boyar, do it in a way that enhances your chance to achieve success on your own terms.

Enough navel gazing now.


Anonymous longbird said...

Nice tip Tori, thanks! I get sick of the all the usual newspaper nonsense, where you can just see people ignoring the predictions they don't like and latching onto the good ones like it's some sort of miracle. This Free Will stuff is much more my kind of stargazing :-)

Anyway, isn't Craig Robinson just the best? And cheers for dropping by my blog too. May i suggest you revisit and take part in 9 Oct's post...?


16/10/06 8:56 pm  

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