Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Flip Flop Flyin' Pictorial Atlas of the World

Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Flyin' (and FlyinG - the blog) is working on his third book! His is the blog I read the most and also the one that made me have my own blog (whoopee, I hear you cry). Anyway, I think he's great. The book is his version of an Atlas. He had the idea, did some bits, then decided to do it properly, mentioned on his blog that he needed a publisher and then lo-and-behold two approached him on the same day. I made a suggestion for that Atlas (24 January 2006 entry)... hurrah!

And, small world stuff - when I went on the ski trip in March this year one of the girls I was sharing an apartment with, Siaron, actually knows Craig. She used to work at Lateral and now does fashion illustration, textile design and other graphic design-type things and has her own brand called su-ma. When she was at Lateral she contacted Craig to do a website thing called 'sneakerbuilder' and he told me because of that that she was instrumental in him realising he could do the graphic design thing for a living. How cool is that? She's such a lovely person too. Hurrah!

p.s. sorry for being a bit of a name dropper, but I like to talk about interesting people - especially when I've met them or have something vaguely to do with them. People doing their own thing inspire me!


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