Saturday, December 16, 2006


Leona won the X Factor! If she hadn't won then, well, it would've been STUPID. This evening has been trash TV central.


Blogger Benji said...

I gotta say that I was mighty impressed with her voice. The misses and her friend made me watch X-Factor (it was my first time) and I had to run away and hide when they rolled out the freaks singing Michael Jackson.

Oh, and my job... I work for MI5. I just pretend to be a freelance graphic designer. Damn... shouldn't have told you that.

18/12/06 12:08 pm  
Blogger Tori said...

That was just exploitation TV, the Michael Jackson bit. Hilarious, but those people probably still thought they were good!

Yes, she's got a whopper of a voice. Makes you wonder what people have to do to get a recording contract in this country - she's been trying for years! What are they looking for these A&R people?!

19/12/06 1:16 am  

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