Friday, December 30, 2005

Making money and other good ideas!

Wow, I am getting quite rubbish at this. That and I probably haven't got much of interest to write... Hope anyone who reads this had a great Christmas.

So, unfortunately I'm in work this week. Me and my two bosses. That's it. Everyone else is away! Huh. But, it's actually been quite good to sort out my filing system (there isn't one) and go through my email inbox (about 1500 emails at last count). 2006 has got to be my year for organising my life.

I've also been doing a lot of looking round the internet and stumbled across a few great sites...

1. The Million Dollar Homepage - why oh why oh why am I not clever enough to think of something like this? It's brilliant! Simple and quirky. And he's nearly made the million... Good luck to him! [Grrrr.]

2. gapingvoid - an interesting blog with cool cartoons and useful guides to being creative and things like that. I like it. Download the 'How To Be Creative' guide...

3. ChangeThis - on the homepage it says it's 'on a mission to spread important ideas and change minds'. Basically they print 'manifestos' from people about all sorts of things to make people think about stuff (that's not very descriptive is it?! You'll just have to visit the site!).

The manifesto I've found the most interesting so far is one called: Cherry Bombs: A Supplemental Kit to "Radical Careering". Being stuck in a bit of a career rut at the moment, it was quite interesting. Didn't provide any answers, but made me think a bit. If only I could come up with the million dollar idea and then I wouldn't have to worry about the whole career thing right now... The thing is, I don't know what I'd really really like to do. When I say I've had enough of my current job, people say what would I like to do? And I really don't know. It's very frustrating.

4. crocs - one day I will make money from being 'on the consumer pulse'! Maybe. I need to take a few risks first. Aaargh, scary! So, crocs. They're shoes. They look a bit like the jelly shoes you (well, I... once) used to wear on the beach when you were little. So they're really ugly. But they're supposed to be really comfy. And they are massive in the USA. Huge. I'm sure they're going to come over here. Like UGG boots. I was ahead of the game there too. One day...

5. Anatomicals - shame about the homepage, but this company is cool. Strapline: we only want you for your body. Brilliant! Really nice toilettries, not too expensive and really witty copy on the packaging. Product names include 'giving good head' (shampoo), 'snog me senseless' (breath freshener), 'no old bags allowed' (under-eye gel) and 'help the paw' (hand cream). Excellent!

6. Everyclick - a search engine that donates to charity every time you do a search. Another nice idea!

7. The Breast Cancer Site - does anyone know if this actually works? Click everyday on this site and the others (The Hunger Site, etc) to help people for free. Easy. Job done!

That'll do for now. Better get back to work... Eurgh. Sorry, think positive! New Year's Resolution: be positive, be organised, be creative.

That's a rubbish resolution. Will have to have a think about that...

Ooh, other news - I just knitted my first ever thing. A scarf (surprisingly!). I'm rather proud of myself actually. It's not bad for a first attempt I don't think. Was going to give it to a boy (will talk more about him another time maybe) for Christmas, but I didn't finish it until today and he only went and bought himself a scarf in the sales. Huh!

Oh, and it's snowing today. Lots. I want to go sledging!